Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I know, I know.... I'm a little too late on the posting but better late than never. I just really wanted to share with everyone how much of an awesome time I spent with my wife on Valentines day weekend courtesy from The Los Angeles Times.

We arrived at the Airport at 5:15pm. Martha's mother dropped us off and we had to say our farewells to our little Josiah (Who is strapped to the car seat trying everything possible to escape).
Martha of course sheds a little tear and I just try my best not to look back... It's not often that we leave our 1 year old behind when we go on trips, but on this particular one it's a must.

Shout out to the staff of Virgin America for being soooo nice and quick on there toes to bring me all that I ordered using the cool head rest touch screen. Let's just say that our 50min flight went by way too quick and before we knew it... We hear our Captain welcoming us to San Francisco!

We grab our bags and I snag one of those cool airport carts that was left unattended (I feel at this point like I hit the jackpot because It usually costs about $5.00 to rent one) and we grab a shuttle which takes us to our car rental location. The car we chose was a little gas efficient Suzuki which brought back memories of my Suzuki Gsxr motorcycle but 100 times slower. We stop by the fisherman's wharf and enjoy a fabulous meal at the Franciscan.... WoW... Was that good.

We get to our Hotel in Napa which is about an hour or so away from San Francisco and boy oh boy was it amazing. Just driving down all the vineyards was a treat, now staying at one of Napa's most luxurious locations was a dream come true. Once inside we admire the scenery and .................
go to sleep.

Saturday morning we have an itinerary to follow and it shows that we have tickets awaiting for the famous Napa Valley Wine Train (A vintage train ride that takes you for a nice cruise all while feeding you).

The View from the train was amazing.....  The Food was cooked to Perfection!

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I paired a dessert wine with a cremebrulee which made me melt. Best combo EVER.

We visited several wineries but that one that impressed us the most was Raymond's.

We did want to go to Walt Disney's daughters winery but was told that they start you off with a glass of Micky, follow by a glass of Minnie, and you end up feeling a little Goofy.... So we stayed away... LOL
(A little tour guide humor)

We wanted to check out the very best of the very best of NAPA VALLEY so we asked the locals for recommendations and we're sure glad we did. 

Morimoto restaurant is named after one of my favorite iron chefs. I'm a huge fan of the show and had to go check it out.

From start to finish ... it was a culinary dream come true.

Sunday came along... More wine tasting and fine dining....

My little brother Erick studies at UC Davis and we're only about an hour away from each other so we schedule to meet each other for lunch. It's so great to be able to spend time with him since we were both inseparable since I was eight years old. 
Gott's Roadside was featured in an episode of diners drive ins and dives and ever since I've been imagining a juicy burger like no other tantalizing my taste buds..

Burgers and shakes 

What else can you ask for?

My Bro had to take off and  we had until 9PM to get back in the plane to head back to reality. We stopped by one last winery where we found some cool tractors and took a lil picture. 

I want to give a special thanks to Kaylie Kwon from the Los Angeles times for booking everything (the flight, Room, Room upgrade, spending card, and wine train) for us and making this trip a very memorable one. The wife and I are extremely grateful and will continue being loyal customers to reading my Los Angeles Times News Paper!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mat and Kate's Engagement Photo Session in Palos Verdes


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Archetypal lovers Romeo and Juliet portrayed by Frank Dicksee

In English, love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from pleasure ("I loved that meal") to interpersonal attraction ("I love my partner")....Etc. When seeing the way Matt stared into Kate's lovely blue eyes it was obvious that they both were madly in love with one another. The chemestry they both shared while in front of my camera came naturaly... and you could say that Love was definitely in the air while we explored the lovely Botanicle Garden of Palos Verdes.

To view more of Matt and Kate's Engagement session please check out their slide show by clicking HERE!

Sharing a little dance and a kiss all while enjoying each others company. Matt's a great Salsa Dancer! 

Matt just couldn't take his eyes off of his future bride.... that's LOVE for ya.....

To view more of Matt and Kate's Engagement session please check out their slide show by clicking HERE!
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Local Veterans Creative Arts Festival

"Art Exhibit... Me? Enter an art exhibit? I don't think so..." are thee exact thoughts which clouded my head as I was being asked to participate in this years creative arts festival . I know I got what it takes, but so does hundreds of others.
Mrs. Phyllis Miller (Fine art expert/Artist) had browsed through my website and loved my work.. After hearing such lovely compliments about my work I knew I had to enter a couple of pictures but now the questions becomes which of the thousands of pictures I have stored am I going to use??? Has to have a wow factor to it and it has to be meaningful to me (being that this is my very first time submitting my work to be graded by a panelist of judges). I decide to enter a compilation of 4 pictures of my grandfather... In earlier blog postings I share how my grandpa suffers from Alzheimer's and how it breaks my heart staring into his eyes and seeing so many good memories in them but he sees me as a total stranger. To make a long story short.... My photo of grandpa made it to the nationals... More details to come...
For the people out there who think they'll fail so why bother trying?.... Well, you just never know what faith has in store for you so why not give it a go!

Here's Mrs. Phyllis with her beautiful piece of art (had to take a picture even of it is with my phone). In return, she took a picture of me and my pieces...

Dedicated to Gramps!!! I'll be Praying that one day we could share at least 1 more special moment with you knowing that I'm your favorite grandson... (sorry cousins):-) -

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