Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Kammi... Accomplishing her goal in becoming a Registered Nurse!

Do you know how to juggle? I've tried tossing a banana, apple, and orange up in the air in hopes to keep them all afloat but end up with a mess after they drop to the floor. Let me tell you a little about Kammi who just graduated from the Los Angeles Harbor College Nursing Program in Wilmington, California. She's one of the greatest jugglers I know! She's a wife, mother, hard worker, and WAS a student who was determined to give it all she's got in order to become a Registered Nurse. We met after my friend Tanisha (who's son is also named Josiah) heard her asking if anyone knew of any good photographers and my name was brought up. She was looking for some pictures to commemorate her graduation and why not? She deserves to walk by a huge framed picture of herself in a Cap & Gown every morning after all the long hours of studying that she put in.
I've always wanted to do a photo session at the gorgeous Disney Concert Hall but I've never had the opportunity until working with Kammi.
She was fun, full of joy and a pleasure to capture as she showed off her scrubs and RN badge that stood out more than a batman sign across the nights sky (Atleast to us it did). I'm so very glad we met and I wish her the very best in her new journey as a Registered Nurse. Enjoy a few pictures from her session in Downtown LA. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Valentin, Ana and their 2 children

I get into my car, check my rear view mirror as I back up out of the drive way, and I'm off to meet Valentin and his amazing family at the Santa Monica Pier. This photo session was a long time coming as  we were supposed to meet several months ago for Ana's maternity session. Things happen for a reason and I believe that it was destiny for us to meet on this special day. Why was this day so special you may ask??? Well, On this special day Valentin makes Ana his wife! Even though I really had limited time on my hands... I just couldn't find it in my heart to tell them I couldn't capture their special day. So they traveled from Buena Park to Santa Monica to meet with me (and I'm so glad we did). The love these two shared was off the rector scale and their children were pure angels. Love can't be smelled or physically felt... but you could really see the LOVE this family shared for one another. It's memories like these that will be treasured for years to come and when the kids grow up and ask "Mommy, Daddy... Why are we wearing fancy clothing at the beach?" They could explain how that day was so special because it's the day they made a promise to one another to love each other unconditionally... FOREVER.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Best Feeling! Maternity Session + Best Proposal Ever!

This maternity session took place in Palos Verdes CA. We met up in redondo beach and scouted the area for beautiful locations. Originally we were going to do beach photo's but something told us to just take a little drive and go where ever the wind takes us.. Thank goodness we listened to the little voice in our heads and decided to venture out. It was a gorgious day and we stopped by several different locations.... Stopping every time we saw a little eye candy here and there.
Chris and Claudia were a blast to work with and am soooo glad we crossed paths. I literally felt as if we had known each other from past lives. After our shoot we exchanged numbers and I informed them to contact me at anytime if they ever needed anything... Literally the second day I got a text from Chris... ( The father to be) He informs me of his plan to propose to Claudia and if I could help... I almost jumped off my seat with excitement! It was an honor to be of assistance in a special time like this one. He came up with the idea of incorporating a slide show with a poem he wrote specifically to ask Claudia to marry him. I did what he asked and waited 1 whole week to see him go down 1 knee. It was beautiful and I'm so grateful to be in the line of business making memories last an eternity. I know as their child gets older and will see this blog I would like for him to say "Hey, there's William... He looks exactly the same as when he took my school pictures"... lol
Enjoy the video made with tons of JOY And LOVE!  

Check out the Slide Show with Bonus proposal at the end.