Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meet Kammi... Accomplishing her goal in becoming a Registered Nurse!

Do you know how to juggle? I've tried tossing a banana, apple, and orange up in the air in hopes to keep them all afloat but end up with a mess after they drop to the floor. Let me tell you a little about Kammi who just graduated from the Los Angeles Harbor College Nursing Program in Wilmington, California. She's one of the greatest jugglers I know! She's a wife, mother, hard worker, and WAS a student who was determined to give it all she's got in order to become a Registered Nurse. We met after my friend Tanisha (who's son is also named Josiah) heard her asking if anyone knew of any good photographers and my name was brought up. She was looking for some pictures to commemorate her graduation and why not? She deserves to walk by a huge framed picture of herself in a Cap & Gown every morning after all the long hours of studying that she put in.
I've always wanted to do a photo session at the gorgeous Disney Concert Hall but I've never had the opportunity until working with Kammi.
She was fun, full of joy and a pleasure to capture as she showed off her scrubs and RN badge that stood out more than a batman sign across the nights sky (Atleast to us it did). I'm so very glad we met and I wish her the very best in her new journey as a Registered Nurse. Enjoy a few pictures from her session in Downtown LA. 

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