Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Local Veterans Creative Arts Festival

"Art Exhibit... Me? Enter an art exhibit? I don't think so..." are thee exact thoughts which clouded my head as I was being asked to participate in this years creative arts festival . I know I got what it takes, but so does hundreds of others.
Mrs. Phyllis Miller (Fine art expert/Artist) had browsed through my website and loved my work.. After hearing such lovely compliments about my work I knew I had to enter a couple of pictures but now the questions becomes which of the thousands of pictures I have stored am I going to use??? Has to have a wow factor to it and it has to be meaningful to me (being that this is my very first time submitting my work to be graded by a panelist of judges). I decide to enter a compilation of 4 pictures of my grandfather... In earlier blog postings I share how my grandpa suffers from Alzheimer's and how it breaks my heart staring into his eyes and seeing so many good memories in them but he sees me as a total stranger. To make a long story short.... My photo of grandpa made it to the nationals... More details to come...
For the people out there who think they'll fail so why bother trying?.... Well, you just never know what faith has in store for you so why not give it a go!

Here's Mrs. Phyllis with her beautiful piece of art (had to take a picture even of it is with my phone). In return, she took a picture of me and my pieces...

Dedicated to Gramps!!! I'll be Praying that one day we could share at least 1 more special moment with you knowing that I'm your favorite grandson... (sorry cousins):-) -

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