Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Enjoying life as I would in Havana, Cuba.

O.K. Maybe the title of this blog post is a tad bit exaggerated seeing that I've never been to Cuba. I sometimes wear a cuban hat with a Tommy Bahama button up shirt and thats the closest I get to feeling Cuban until the day I visited a local Culver City Cuban Restaurant by the name of "El Rincon Criollo". Let me tell you a little bit about this hole in the wall I have been driving passed for years and have never been to till a few days ago. But first let me tell you some Random Facts I know about Cubans...
- They can dance (As seen in such films like "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights", "Dance With Me" And lets not forget those cool moves Ricky Ricardo always showed off at his Club Babalu in I Love Lucy).
- Their Cigars are sooo good that they banded them from being sold in the US.
- Last but not least, I know they have some of the best health care systems as seen on Michael Moore's documentary called "Sicko"

O.K. I might not know too much about the Cuban lifestyle but I do know that "El Rincon Criollo" makes great delightful dishes that leaves you 100% satisfied all while providing an ambiance that all the movies portrayed Cuba to be. Here are photos of Josiah and the cool vintage car they have parked in front of their place. My wife, my son and I had a great feast and will definitely visit again soon.

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