Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Randomness!

It's always fun to go back to my hard drive to take a gander at all the images I've taken in the past. Amazing how you could live a certain feeling, emotion, moment, look back on it and say to yourself "wasn't that just yesterday'? when in reality it's been several days, months, years.... All I've got to say is treasure the moments you can cherish today and live life to the fullest. 
4th of July 2011

Got a little scared at first but after a couple of loud blasts he got used to them and enjoyed the fireworks show from our front lawn. 
This is Erick.. (Middle Brother) right before heading back to Northern Cali to U.C. Davis

Josiah Eating on his high chair could be a very interesting event. Gotta Love Em.

And when you ask him if he's done with what's in his mouth... this is what you get.
This is David (Youngest brother) as he helps me test out some new camera equipment. He's always a great help when it comes to providing him with a new Facebook profile picture... but he's also one excellent uncle who loves my son dearly! Gotta Love those brothers of mine...

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