Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 MLK Parade

Evaluating the amount of people gathered on King Blvd this Monday morning, I could see that Martin Luther Kings Dream has finally come to life. America has finally lived up to the great principles on which it had been founded. Let me rewind this blog posting for a quick second and tell you all about my lovely morning... Wife cooked me a delicious breakfast while I chase Josiah all over the house to change his diaper and kid around. Josiah and I put on our walking shoes and head off to see the MLK parade and what a great parade it was. Thousands of people showed up not only to be spectators, but many to speak there minds with visuals of what they thought was going wrong with out government. Huge banners and signs were being flagged and it's thanks to Dr. King that we all have that freedom to stand for what we believe in. Here are a couple of pictures of my morning and wish everyone a happy Martin Luther King's day.

Glad my son will grow up in better times than that lived in the 1960's. Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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