Friday, December 30, 2011

At the barber shop!

NEXT!, I hear my barber call out as I'm entering the door. There's about 8 people ahead of me and I'm just lucky I don't have to wait while standing. I grab the seat that a teenage kid leaves behind as he sits on the Barber shop chair. As I'm having a seat I think to myself... How could this kid (about 17 years of age) have more facial hair than I've ever had??? I look around and try to find some kind of distraction to focus on while I wait for my turn.. I look through the magazine rack and couldn't believe my eyes.... It wasn't because they have the most recent issue of "sports Illustrated" or because "men's journal" magazine has the top 20 ways of staying fit for the new years.... It's because they have "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" book by Eric Carle.

Just when I was starting to think that being a father couldn't affect my alone time.... I witnessed myself wondering "Why in the world is this little caterpillar so hungry?" Than it finally hit me! No matter what your doing or where you are, being a father is a full time job! More of a life style. I find myself speaking to my barber about how hard my son could hit my hand as he gives me high fives, how fast he could run as I try to chase him down for my phone...etc. He throws the concersation a curve ball when he than mentioned how hurt they felt to find out that I took my son to a different barber as they saw an instagram post of him getting his first pro hair cut posted by me (I had no idea my barber followed me on Instagram). I had to explain myself... "It was an unexpected visit" I mumble with rosey cheeks. Just goes to show you the power of social networks and to be careful what you write. Convenience is sometimes chosen over loyalty... But if your loyal you'll always go back to the shop that started it all. Josiah's next hair cut will be at Pico Barbershop and hope he's more relaxed than the last hair cut he recieved...

Shout out to the Pico barbers in Santa Monica always showing me love and never messing up on my hair!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Happy new years everyone! And may 2012 bring us more joy and love to our lives! (you could never have too much joy and love! :-)

Location:Pico Blvd,Santa Monica,United States

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