Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Theres a scent of fresh tamales that fill the air. Everywhere we go they feed us till we can't get fed anymore. I love Christmas time! Since I got married it's been a tradition to visit the in laws with a bag full of gifts and leave with a different bag filled with gifts, go back to my parents house before midnight and wait for the clock to strike 12 to give everyone gathered around the Christmas tree a hug and wish them a merry Christmas. All the gifts that were wrapped in pretty paper are now being opened and nothing but joy is seen throughout the living room. I love being surrounded by happy people, Specially when I can see that one of the happiest in the bunch is my son little Josiah. (passed his bed time, he was awakened by laughter) He is quick to realize its OK to be awake and starts digging through the rubble while mommy guides him to all his gifts. What a blessing to be able to spend time with our loved ones as we share another Christmas together.
I took Josiah on a walk in the morning and decided to take a couple of pics with his new "Cars" sweater his Tio Gio got him and realized that this boy is growing way too fast. He see's a circle and calls it a "Bubble". He wrestles with me and loves when he wins but hates when he feels he has lost... His mind is like a sponge just absorbing everything and anything. Just wanna take a minute to thank god for another year and pray that 2012 keeps us safe and healthy. Here's a couple of pictures I took of Josiah this beautiful morning. Merry Christmas

Getting some rest before taking our walk.

Should we climb these stairs and get our cardio on?

You don't have to ask him twice!

My little Josiah 1 years of age going on 10.
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