Monday, December 19, 2011

Police Activities League's Portraits

I had just turned 16 and my Drivers permit had turned into an actual license (No more driving with mom and dad). Time to explore what the roads of California has to offer!! Those were the thoughts of a teenage boy who had dreams of taking off just because he had his little 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback and was the only one in his group of friends to have a car. (Incase you're wondering who I'm referring to, that was me) Fortunately for me there was PAL (The Police Activities League) which was my after school hang out spot. They have Pool tables, Basketball courts, Ping Pong Tournaments and even a boxing gym where I spent countless times cheering on buddies in the ring. ( I always stuck to the jump rope and punching bags) If it wasnt for a place like PAL I'm not too sure what my alternative hang out place would have been but one things for sure... I had a blast.
I have to give a special thanks to Mr. Don who for many years have been taking all these teenagers to Theme parks, Movies, Ice Skating, and has trained hundreds to run the L.A. Marathon every year. He's an inspiration to me and am sure he is to many others who have had the pleasure to meet him. I pitched him the idea of providing some portraits for the families of the kids who attend PAL and he coordinated the whole thing in no time! After a couple of calls back and fourth we finally filled up our roster and got 20+ families to come down on their saturday to take their portrait. I had a great time with each and every one of them and I hope they are pleased with the photo they get to unwrapp by Christmas.  


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