Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Another Christmas I thank God for...

This posting is to thank the heavenly father up above for yet another year he allowed my family and I  to spend together. I know very well that tomorrow is never promised but here I am cherishing the very minute I sit here in my office chair writing this blog. 
This year was my sons 3rd Christmas (4th if you count belly time) but the first Christmas that I actually see him super dooper excited about his gifts and being surrounded by soo many people that adore him. He received everything from a new pair of Toms. a thomas the train tracks set, to dozens of hot wheels and lets not forget his very first Bike! Can't wait to teach him how to take the training wheels off that bad boy and let him ride free!lol 
Recently I've been going to Church on Sundays after being absent for a while and It's really nourished my soul and has filled a void In my heart. It feels awesome to drop off my son at the nursery room they provide and actually pay attention to message thats preached (Shout out to Core Church). 
I think of this Christmas and am so thankful of what I've got. I might not have the luxury items that would make me popular and cool but I know I got one thing that tons of people would kill for....
 A lovely Family! 
God Bless you all and always remember that there's a God up above that Loves You! 
Merry Christmas 
William A. Joya

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