Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Years Resolution

As the new year is soon approaching, I have a habit of thinking back at the year and ponder on what actions I could have taken to improve myself (in every possible way, shape or form). I know I could have maybe lost a couple of pounds in the belly area, or maybe visited my grandfather (at the nursing home) a lot more than I did. 1 of the things I really kick myself in the behind for, is the fact that I was not persistent in keeping a good blog page in 2012. Blogging is supposed to be my daily point of view on anything from new photo shoots, my thoughts on what's going on in the news and what my 2 year old is talking about now and days. I'm guilty of not keeping this blog updated and I want to put an end to the inconsistency in 2013 (wish me luck)! So now with that said... Let me tell you about the Plans I have for next year! I want to grow my clientele and start a rewards program for those who refer new clients my way (Kinda like having a Ralph's card) and hook them up with cool stuff! Everyone that knows me knows I'm a giver! I treat people the way I want to be treated yet better. So I want to donate my photography skills to more than 2 events per year (will be taking suggestions on what organization you think deserve a free photo shoot). I want to take my wife to Hawaii this year (but shhhhh.... It's a surprise). I want to ride a real bull for more than 15 seconds. I want to skydive out of a miniature plane and land on my lawn. I want to drive to Yosemite national park and camp out (No luxury tent, just one of those simple tents you gotta actually build). I want to grow a mustache for a little while and see how long it takes me to look like the "Tapatio" man. I want to be the best Business development officer that my Credit Union has ever seen. Last but not least, I want to be the best daddy that my son could ever have asked for.

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