Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Union Station + My very first commercial

Today I feel so very blessed. So blessed that I can't seem to put myself to sleep. Why you ask? Well, my buddy Paul from Insite Visions hooked me up with the greatest video I could have ever possibly imagined. Him and I have been working together for many month's now and we decided to take on new tasks that challenges us as artists. He's used to creating magical wedding videos and other creative projects here and there but when I asked him if he's ever done any kind of documentaries before, surprisingly enough he said "No, but don't see the problem in doing one". So of course I immediately pitch him the idea of making a mini video for me and my passion for photography and he definitely worked his magic on this one.

This post was originally going to be about my adventures in Union Station on Sunday in which Paul and I (Accompanied  by his daughter, my son, and my lovely wife) wanted to explore and see what artistic concepts we can come up with in the area. I came up with this image I call "Time Lapse" and it shows how busy life can be. Everyone's always in a rush and as soon as you arrive to point B from point A your already ready to be at point C.

It was fun and can't wait to share more images that will push my abilities to the limit. 

Special Thanks once again to Paul from Insite Visions and if anyone needs a talented Videographer for any occasion (And I do mean ANY seeing that there's nothing this guy CAN'T do) please visit his website at

Thanks for Reading.

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