Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Santa Monica High School Grad Portraits at PAL (Police ActivitiesLeague)

I just received my invite to attend my 10 year High School reunion. So you know what that means.... It's time to get on a diet!
When I was in High School I used to always attend PAL after school and enjoy the tons of activities they had to offer. I remember racking up all the balls at the pool table and learning how to perfect my "8 Ball, Corner Pocket" finally to try to impress the cool kids... The Several mile long marathons we used to train for running down the streets of Santa Monica, and let's not forget to mention free movie premiers, Ice Skating, and field trips to theme parks we always did on a weekly basis.
This place holds a really special place in my heart! It kept me out of a whole lot of trouble in my rebellious teenage years.... I always wanted to pay them back some way, some how. Well, what better way than to revisit and capture the smiles of the current "Rebellious Teenagers" that are there now (J/K on the Rebellious part... or not :)
Thanks to Don Condon who's been super awesome through out all these years, we set up a Time & Date to capture today's youth the day before their big graduation day. It was the first time they had unpacked their caps and gowns and were feeling the enthusiasm of THE BIG DAY just around the corner.
Here are a few pictures I captured... Enjoy!

Culver City High Graduate! (My wife Martha Gratuated from Culver High so had to give them a shout out too)
10 years Later and still feeling young... Shout out to the CLASS OF 2002 and everyone who graduated High School.
Remeber kids.... Be Cool & Stay in School!
(Is that still a cool thing to say to kids these days? Eeek... Stay Swag)

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