Sunday, November 13, 2011

Josiah's first barber shop encounter.

Since born Josiah has had a total of 3 haircuts all of them performed by daddy. It's not an easy task to take a pair of scissors centimeters away from your sons ear and try to cut that one Stubborn hair that just doesn't seem to cooperate with you. So finally it was time to leave it to the pros. I took him to Troy Husky III (from uptown barbers) in Whittier. Talk about service! I was greeted by a group of men with hair dues from the 1950's all with barber coats and ties. It was an old school feel which I loved. They took Care of Josiah with the same amount of care that I used. At the end he got to pick a lolly pop from the candy jar and we were on our way. Nice to know there are still spots like this around. Here's a pic of Troy, Josiah & I right before the finishing touches. Enjoy

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