Saturday, September 10, 2011

Attending a wedding as a guest.

My wife and I were invited to Vanessa and Daniel's wedding celebration and let me tell you... It's a gorgeous one! I rarely attend events without my camera but today it's all about having a good time with my lovely date! "So that's how I look like when I'm taking pictures trying to capture the right moments of the first dance and the tossing of the bouquet" as I see their photographer running all over the place. I love weddings and I now realize that I love them even more when I could be a spectator instead of the image maker but I must admit I miss my camera.... ;-)
And a friendly FYI for all you married men out there... When it's time for the groom to reach for the brides garter and they call all single men to the dance floor do not make any attempts of joining all of them (not even joking around). Just got my ear pulled for that little stunt... Lol

Thank goodness for camera phones... So I could share some images of the night.

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