Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introducing baby Kayden to the world!

As I walk into the front door of the Baldwin residence I could immediately feel the warmth of the heater (which I suggested we turn up as high as possible since babies love that heat!) and am immediately greeted by 2 lovely sisters. We have a game plan all set and ready to go into action but (yes... there's a but) I misplaced an attachment which allows me to use my large studio soft box AKA Huge white box with a flash inside. Time to do some really quick thinking and play it off as much as possible to not give myself away.... AAAAHA! (As I could feel a little light bulb hover over my head) There's some gorgeous light coming from the screen door by the kitchen. I set up shop and I'm ready to rock and roll. With the help of Brandie (#1 Auntie in the world) we take some hard wood floor I had left over from my living room remodel and place it over the kitchen floor. I have to give it up to baby Kayden for being such a trooper!!! He was placed in two different baskets, had 3 wardrobe changes, and was in his birthday suit for most of the shoot and we rarely got a peep out of him. Momma is one lucky lady to have such a precious little angel by her side. Here are a couple of pics of Kaydens first few days in this world. and if you have a little time check out the slide show... Enjoy

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