Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waiting for my lil Sis.

As I was a child I always wanted a bigger brother to play with and teach me the ropes. Well, I was raised an only child until I reached 8. Now that I'm a parent I can see why my parents waited so long to give me a brother. As I socialize more with other parents at parks and where ever us "Parents" talk about our kids (which is everywhere) I keep on hearing it's much easier having them back to back vs waiting. Well, when the time comes when I'm blessed with another bundle of joy I'll try my best to be ready. 
Here are a few pics of my buddy Tony and his lovely wife. They are expecting a little baby girl and are giving their 2 year old a baby sister to play with. They are an extremely blessed family and It was such a joy capturing these beautiful moments.

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