Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Edna and Greg

As a teenager I spent a whole lot of time at the beach. It's always been minutes away from home and walking distance from my good old Santa Monica High School. My first job was at the 3rd street promenade at an AMC Movie Theater which gave me plenty of time to catch a free movie then witness a beautiful Pacific Coast Sunset to end my night. Haven't been to the beach lately and blame it on being way too busy... If not with work, it's with squeezing quality time with my wife and son.....
I recently got to go back to my beloved Santa Monica Beach with Edna and Gregorio. They were so much fun to hang around with! They were such naturals in front of the camera & I didn't even have to direct them on how to pose or where to stand... We all just went with the flow. They are getting married in the next couple of months in the Philippines and they asked me to create a slide show for their wedding day. I have to admit... I've done several slide shows in the past but this one without a doubt is one of my favorites! Enjoy the sneak peak and if you have time take a look at the Slide show

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