Monday, September 12, 2011

What a Great and Productive weekend!

I only have about a half hour to complete this blog before the next business day so here it goes. I took the most adorable pictures of 1 week old baby Kayden and it was such a blast. I got to carry him in my arms and all of a sudden I got flash backs of when I first got to hold my 8 pound baby right out of the incubator where he was resting after a good 9 months of being cramped in mamas belly. I also was hired by a courier company to take some pictures of their delivery trucks.... Now there's never a gig I turn down and I'm always up for some new challenges. So this morning I pack up my equipment back and head out to their warehouse. I had done some research on how to photograph vehicles but never did I find how to photograph big rigs, bob tails, and vans! First thing that came through my head was "Let the games begin"! Moving thousand ton trucks to make them look there very best was kind of similar to moving people around to make them look there very best. I felt like a symphony conductor guiding my musicians to the path of creating a beautiful melody (Which in this case was just informing the drivers on how I wanted the trucks placed). After a good hour and a half of climbing ladders and van roof tops I got some really good shots that will be used on there web site.
Wife, Baby Josiah, and I also had a nice little dinner at Twin Dragon (Love their Chinese food)  and after that we took Josiah to the park (7th and Wilshire). It was sooo much fun. He's developing such an adorable personality and I can't believe how fast time is flying. While he explores what this little park had to offer with mama I thought it would be a good Idea to catch up on some reading. After sitting on the park bench and reading a couple of paragraphs I look up at Martha and Josiah and just can't let them have all the fun in the world by themselves! I joined them in the sand box and together we shared an evening to remember!

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